Optical measurements and prescription glasses

There have been great changes in the field of ophthalmic lenses in recent years.  Hofstede Optics and glass manufacturer Essilor have not stood still. New innovations in the field of materials and coatings have ensured that the glasses have become increasingly thinner and more elegant. The biggest innovation is the personal custom fitted glass. Since it is clear that the position of the glasses also influences the effect of the prescription power, a new measuring instrument called Visioffice has been developed. And with this camera (after the regular eye test) the position of the frame is measured accurately. Additional parameters such as distance of the eye to the glass, frame inclination and deflection angle of the frame are calculated by an advanced program and passed on to the prescription of the glasses. This enables us to provide the wearer with the "perfect correction".


This customization technique is also applicable to multifocal glasses in addition to single vision. Essilor (the inventor of multifocal glass) has had for the longest time, with the Varilux product, a very good multifocal lens in its range. Now that the additional parameters can also be passed on to the Varilux lenses we daresay that the perfect multifocal glass has now become available. These glasses are now available under the brand name Varilux e-series. Top of the bill is the Varilux S series. This includes all the technology of the e-series expanded with additional parameters such as your ideal viewing distance and the determination of the dominant eye.

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