General: Because no eye is the same, there is no standard lens available that fits everyone. The contact lens specialists and optometrists at Hofstede Optics are acquainted with the latest products and adaptation techniques and will search with you for the perfect lens adjustment. Depending on your needs, the strength, the shape of the eye and the tear duct condition a choice will be made between hard-, soft- or night lenses. For a lens or lens adjustment checkup we will gladly make an appointment.

Soft lenses: Currently these are by far the most worn contact lenses. Easy adaptation and also ideal for those who want to wear lenses occasionally (holidays, sports, etc.). Soft contact lenses come in all shapes and sizes. Hofstede Optics delivers day lenses, disposable, two-week lenses and monthly lenses from all major brands, both single and multifocal. Monthly lenses (for both eyes) are available starting from 110 euros per six months including eye care.

Hard lenses: For many people still the ideal lens. Think of dry eyes, difficulty levels (high cylindrical numbers), children, and intricate bifocal or multifocal solutions as well. The adaption of hard lenses often brings the real skill of the contact lens specialist or optometrist to the surface. Many of our clients still wear hard lenses successfully. Hard lenses are already available starting at 215 euros per pair including eye care.

Night Lenses: Night Lenses are the ideal alternative to laser eye surgery. With the aid of special hard lenses that are worn overnight, the shape of the cornea is corrected. This type of adjustment is done in such a way that during daytime the eyes can see perfectly (without lenses). Night lenses are already available starting at 345 euros per pair including eye care (1st year at 495 euros).

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