What is an optometrist?

The optometrist examines the health of eyes in order to detect any eye disorders and eye diseases. Previously only an ophthalmologist performed the eye exam and the optician took care of the eyeglasses and / or contact lenses. Optometrist can do both and more. The optometrist performs an optometric examination. If during the investigation it becomes apparent that further medical treatment is necessary, you will be redirected (via your GP) to an ophthalmologist. The profession of optometrist was officially recorded since 2000 in the BIG Law (Professions in Individual Health Care). The optometrist had thus legally been recognized as a healthcare professional. Optometrists have completed a four-year study at bachelor's degree level.

Optometry at Hofstede Optics:

The eye test at Hofstede Optics is always performed by a qualified optician. If there is any reason that this measurement needs to be followed by an optometric examination, the optician will indicate this. Hofstede Optics has all the equipment (slit lamp, intraocular pressure gauge, sight gauge, retinal camera, etc.) to carry out a complete investigation. In addition, optometrists use diagnostic pharmaca (including pupil dilating drops) needed for good research.

At Hofstede Optics there are currently three optometrists working.

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