Why Hofstede Optiek

Having been brought up with a certain sense of quality, respect for the customer and a keen eye for all things beautiful, we want to be able to provide our customers with the best that is available in optics worldwide in a stylish environment. Our collection of frames and sunglasses is meticulously composed and comprises a wonderful mix of leading fashion brands like Chanel and Tom Ford, luxury designer labels like Starck Eyes and Lindberg and trendsetting labels such as that of designer Thom Browne. We work closely with Essilor lenses, a manufacturer that continuously invests in research and development.

Last but not least, Hospitality, Quality and Service are words that we write with capital letters. The valuation of our customers encourages us to always go and look for that one special frame or unknown collection with which we can surprise you and ourselves. It is the same passion that drives again and again to find the perfect solution for more complicated optical problems.

You are always welcome

Marloes & Norbert Hofstede

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