Would you rather not wear either glasses or contact lenses?

In addition to a pair of glasses or contact lenses, there is a third alternative available. And that is refractive surgery. This is to surgically (with the aid of a laser or through a lens implant) correct the strength permanently.

Hofstede Optics is affiliated with Eyescan. This is a nationwide operating network of specially trained optometrists who perform the preliminary investigation, monitoring and aftercare. Eyescan places high demands on the participating optics companies, who must not only have a fully qualified optometrist employed, but also need to make additional investments in the necessary equipment to carry out the required investigations.

The advantage of the optometrist as an intermediation platform between the customer and the clinic is evident. The optometrist has all the options in-house and   will always give an objective advice and will also avoid any risks. In addition it is very comforting for the customer to have the aftercare performed so close to home and at a trusted address.

For more information go to www.eyescan.nl or ask for the brochure in the shop